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Stylish and modern, the classically designed Hobo bag handcrafted of Moroccan leather roomy enough for a tablet and all your essentials .

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This distinctive leather bag is made from soft Moroccan goat leather and cowhide. Its a very good classic hobo bag form, it has a zip which opens to one main lined compartment. The bag is hand-stamped, hand-stitched and fully lined with a zip closure, and has roomy enough to use it in market or in your work. Its strong and practical and has been made by renowned Moroccan craftsmen from the top quality cow leather and handcrafted in Marrakech. It is very nice hand bag of the original leather by old design of Moroccan artisanal in soft cowhide in natural beige color and perfect for work or used at the beach, weekend picnics or morning trips to the markets, you’ll find multiple uses for this classically designed bag. Due to its handcrafted nature, your handbag may vary slightly from the photo.

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