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Ball Lamp MP-10BPLS-b


The Pierced Moroccan Style Brass Lamp Shade Ball shaped

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Our unique Moroccan style lamp lighting will reflect amazing shade Lighting and easily improve any room atmosphere. Its traditional design with a lovely geometrical pattern will add to your home a beautiful and warm touch, it will give you a warm and pleasant atmosphere and will seduce you with its refined and original design.This Moroccan style lamp is handmade by brass metal a material that is both noble and robust. this lampshade is a high quality handmade beautyand it's a exclusively designed to enhance the quality of your home décor.
Ball Lamp is a lampshade illuminates your interior with elegance, will be a magical place thanks to your lampshade that will reflect its patterns on the walls, cause of the perforations made rigorously in the copper let a softened light with a effect of shadows escape for a most decorative lighting. Its curved shape is magnified by original motifs engraved in brass
You can place it in your living room on a chest of drawers or in your bedroom on your bedside table. It is 100% made from copper with a very close attention to details. Dimension may vary depending on the demand.

More Information
More Information
Dimensions4.7x4.7x5.5 inch
Mother's DayN/A
Artyluxe Green

Most of our products are 90 - 100% natural, & completely handmade, chosen from the best moroccan artisans.


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